What is iron deficiency?

Iron is one of the body’s essential nutrients, which is absorbed from the foods we eat. Iron is required for normal cell and organ function, as it carries oxygen around the body via haemoglobin found in red blood cells. Iron deficiency occurs when the amount of iron absorbed by the body is insufficient. This can be caused by a lack of iron being absorbed from food.

Iron deficiency can also be caused by a number of different disease conditions – these can lead to increased iron loss or inadequate use of iron. Too little iron in the body can have serious consequences, ranging from physical and mental fatigue to impaired quality of life.

Across the globe, iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency, affecting an estimated 2 billion people.

If you are considering taking Maltofer or if you think you may be iron deficient, visit your doctor to discuss iron deficiency.

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Pregnant Woman

Iron deficiency in pregnancy

Woman with Iron deficiency symptoms

Iron deficiency symptoms

Talking to your doctor about iron deficiency

Talking to your doctor about iron deficiency